Welcome to the Roxy Red Ticket Rewards!

We appreciate our loyal customers who frequent the Roxy regularly.  We know that coming to watch our great mix of eclectic, specialty and foreign films is what makes the Roxy a unique experience.  We thank you for choosing us and so had decided to create a special reward program for you  frequent moviegoers!

How to Sign Up:

Simply complete your name, email & town on our sign-up forms located in the lobby.  Hand the form to a Roxy cashier prior to the sale and you will receive a Roxy Red Ticket Reward card to use when purchasing tickets to any Roxy Red Ticket films.  We will email you our weekly newsletter that includes a list of the upcoming Roxy Red Ticket Films.  You may opt out of the newsletter by clicking on our "Join our Mailing List" link and selecting "unsubscribe".    Signing up for Merrill's Roxy newsletter is not a requirement to receive  a Roxy Red Ticket Reward Card.

How it works:

After signing up and receiving your Roxy Red Ticket Reward card you present at our box office when you come to see a designated Red Ticket film.  After the ticket is purchased  the card will get punched.   After five completed punches you will get a FREE REGULAR POPCORN.  After seven completed punches the reward is a FREE MOVIE!

The Roxy will choose the Red Ticket Films each week.  These films will always be Roxy Exclusives. 

To kick off the program this Friday all of our exclusive films will be Roxy Red Ticket Films!.  One card per person. 

For any questions please contact Merrill's Roxy Cinemas.
   Phone: 802-864-4742

Merrill's Roxy Cinemas
222 College St.
Burlington, VT 5401


Roxy Red Ticket Terms & Conditions:

1. Present your Roxy Red Ticket card at time of purchase to view a movie with the Roxy Red Ticket. After the completion of the sale that cashier will stamp the card. If tickets were purchased online present the card to the box office cashier at the same time you pick them up at our box office. Stamps will not be issued retroactively under any circumstances.

2. One Red Ticket Reward card per person . No multiple stamps allowed on the same ticket at the time of purchase unless purchasing tickets to mixed films at different show sets. (IE: Ticket purchased to 1pm show of Roxy Red Ticket film "Moonrise Kingdom" & 3:40 show of Roxy Red Ticket film "Robot & Frank" at the same time).

3. Program not valid with passes or discount tickets.

4. Roxy defines a Red Ticket Film as an exclusive Engagement film chosen by Roxy Management.   Eligibility of these films is at the discretion of Merrill’s Roxy. Roxy Red Ticket films may be changed at any time. Roxy Red Ticket movies will be indicated by a red ticket on our movie posters at the theatre, the box office signboard, online & in the weekly newsletter.

5. Separate Red Ticket cards may not be combined towards Free Popcorn or Free Movie offer.

6. No substitutions allowed for rewards

7. Any tampered cards will be voided.

8. Red Ticket Rewards cards have No Cash Value.

9. Final decision on any disputed Roxy Red Ticket Rewards cards rests with Merrill Theatre Corp. management.

10. Roxy Cinemas reserves the right to change any conditions of the program.

11. Roxy Cinemas also reserves the right to suspend the Roxy Red Ticket Program at any time.